National Equipment Finance Association 2015 Funding Symposium

I wanted to take an opportunity since returning from the NEFA conference to say how much I enjoyed the conference including the Panels, Exhibits and Presentations. All of the panelists did a very fine job in their subject areas and the exhibitors were well informed and easy to talk to.

For my part, a leasing attorney with a background in collections, workout and bankruptcy in addition to front end customer lease modification, syndication deals and program agreements, I tried to impart new regulatory and compliance information that I have gained through working on the amendments to Reg. B and the Dodd Frank Act. Regulatory compliance today dictates more and more understanding of Data Collection requirements and Adverse Notifications even to small businesses. Our firm has experience dealing with the issues that can tilt a transaction from being characterized as a commercial one to a consumer transaction. If thus characterized by one of the regulatory authorities, the impact that the Consumer Leasing Act has upon the lessor or lender, is an area dealt with frequently by our firm.

We also have a very strong litigation department and cover the entire states of Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware. We are equipped with a paralegal staff and lawyers to handle both small charged off delinquencies and large complex State, Federal or bankruptcy matters ranging to seven figures.

Whether your needs are reviewing or documenting a Broker Agreement, an Assignment with or without Recourse or a Program Agreement, our firm is equipped to help you. Moreover, if you are concerned about regulatory issues and what disclosure and reporting requirements, Reg. B and the Dodd Frank Act impose, we are your source with legal experience. Collections, Bankruptcy and Litigation are the stalwart of our firm and our goal is to recover your balances and out of pocket fees.

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