• “The Co-Debtor Stay: When Does it Really Apply and When is it a Bluff?”

    ELFA Legal Forum. Loews Don CeSar Hotel, St. Petersburg Beach. 7-8 May 2017.

  • “Renewal and End of Term Issues, The Evergreen Clause.”

    ELFA Legal Forum. Loews Don CeSar Hotel, St. Petersburg Beach. 7- 8 May 2017.

  • “The Barbarians Are At the Gate: Factors to Distinguish Your Commercial Equipment Lease Agreement from a ‘Consumer’ Transaction.”

    ELFA Legal Forum. Loews Don CeSar Hotel, St. Petersburg Beach. 7-8 May 2017.

  • “ECOA’s Reg. B.”

    M&T Bank, NEFA Equipment Finance Summit. Hotel Monteleone, New Orleans. 3 March 2016.

  • “Regulation B, Equal Credit Opportunity Act – Recent Developments.”

    Fulton Bank. Buffalo, NY. 6 November 2015. “Equipment Credit Opportunity Act (Regulation B).” ELFA Legal Forum. Sheraton Nashville Downtown, Nashville. 15 May 2015.

  • “Dodd-Frank Act: Impact on Equipment Leasing and Finance.”

    NEFA Funding Symposium. Hyatt Regency San Antonio River Walk, San Antonio. 9 September 2014.

  • “State Licensing Requirements, Installment Sales Contracts & Sales Finance Acts.”

    ELFA Legal Forum. The Worthington Renaissance, Ft. Worth. 5 May 2014.

  • “Best Practices & Regulatory Expectations.”

    M&T Bank, Buffalo, NY. 17 December 2013.

  • “Small Changes Big Effects.”

    ELFA Credit & Collections Management Conference. Hyatt at the Bellevue, Philadelphia. 4 June 2013.

  • “Common Sense Tips for Avoiding Litigation for the Transactional Lawyer.”

    ELFA Legal Forum. Francis Marion Hotel, Charleston. 5 May 2013.

  • “Special Assets, Identification, Mitigation & Liquidation.”

    Union League Breakfast Presentation. 26 June 2012.

  • “Equipment Repossession and Recovery.”

    ELFA Credit and Collections Management Conference. 8 June 2009.

  • “Discussion of Ethical Policies in Dealing with Automatic Renewals, Security Deposits; Advanced Fees; Documenting the Deal to Reflect Actual Terms.”

    ELFA Legal Forum – Panel. 19-20 April 2009.

  • “Second Lien Lending.”

    ELFA Legal Forum – Facilitator – Round Table Discussion Group. 30 April 2009.

  • “eContracting Boot Camp.”

    EAEL Spring Conference. 4-8 April 2008.

  • “Theories of Lender Liability.”

    ELFA Legal Forum – Moderator. 6-8 May 2007.

  • “Private Label Programs: Origination, Servicing & Enforcement Issues.”

    ELFA Legal Forum. 7 May 2007.

  • “Ethics in Three Acts: Ethics in Film; What is Right & What is Wrong; What Role does Morality Play in the Practice of Law, Ruminations on Ethics and Professionalism.”

    Association of Commercial Finance Attorneys – CLE. 18-21 May 2006.

  • “Second Lien Lending.”

    ELA Legal Forum. 30-2 April-May 2006.

  • “Troubled Lessors and Vendors: A Study of the Global Issues Raised.”

    ELA Credit and Collections Management Conference. 13 June 2005.

  • “Current Issues and Defenses in Legal Enforcement.”

    ELA Legal Forum. 15 May 2005.

  • “PA Rules of Civil Procedure, NJ Civil Practice Rules, Article 2A, Article 9.”

    Citicapital Presentation. 16 November 2004.

  • “Innovative Lawyering.”

    EAEL Expo – Panel. 15 September 2003.

  • “Equipment Leases in Default, Enforce Your Remedies.”

    ELA Legal Form – Roundtable Moderator. 4 May 2003.

  • “Lessor’s Strategies and Alternatives in a Post-Petition World.”

    ELA Legal Forum. 5 May 2002.

  • “The Troubled Lessor.”

    ELA Legal Forum. 7 May 2001.

  • “Do you have a legal leasing question?”

    EAEL Expo – Panel. 2001.

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